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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Graphic Issues R57/Shapeshifter

Chris Snowden

Posts 4
13 Aug 2020 14:58

Hi all,
  I received my V1200 card yesterday.  Couldn't get things running so flashed it up to 2.12.  Works a treat but when I go into Shapeshifter it loses its signal on the HMDI.  I can hear the mac booting up and I can exit using Ctrl, Shift, Alt & Esc.  Tried all types of graphical settings, am I missing something really simple?
  All other software seems to be working, even OCS/AGA working out of my Indivision MK2 Scan doubler.
  I'd appreciate any pointers.

Update:  Looks like its any program that uses the Vampires video out on full screen that loses the DIGITAL-VIDEO signal.  You can hear the program running in the background.

Ruben Aparicio

Posts 3
13 Aug 2020 15:57

It has to do with the configuration of the Picasso Modes. I don't know why but a few of those that come in the Coffin distribution are not very universal. I would like to know which display the person adjusting those modes has.

I had the same problem with Shapeshifter and also in the resolution that is used to play most opf the videos. The solution is simple, go to Prefs, Picasso96Mode and go resolution per resolution testing them all. Those that fail to display anything at all set them to a higher Clock until you get a vertical refresh rate that is more standard. Do that in small steps. Eventually you will find a clock that works with each of the resolutions that failed. Once you fix one setting for one resolution remind to apply the same clock to the remaining color modes within that resolution. Eventually you will have it all running. Sad thing is that Backup/Restore does not backup that setting for you (at least that was the case) so either you move the conf file manually or you repeat the process after a new Coffin release.


Chris Snowden

Posts 4
14 Aug 2020 11:23

Thanks for the suggestion.  I've slowly been running through the clock speeds and its working.  Shame its not a quick and easy job.  I did have a old version of R54 and tried that, worked well but going to persevere with R57.

Ruben Aparicio

Posts 3
23 Aug 2020 14:06

You are very welcome. My guess is that this is a common issue that pissess off most Coffin users in silence. I have seen these complains about video sync / black screens for a long time. I guess if the Coffin admin did use your Picasso Modes conf this would not be that much of a problem for anyone unless you had a really rare monitor. i hope they fix that in future releases.

Chris Snowden

Posts 4
29 Aug 2020 10:33

I've decided to go back to R54 until I can build a Amikit CF card.  The resolutions are very annoying and time consuming to fix.  Hopefully they will fix on the next instalment of Coffin.

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