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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

SD Bootloader On Vampire V4 Standalone (Coff R56)?

Benjamin Nice

Posts 9
03 Jun 2020 11:09


I was reading the Coffin r56 readme at : EXTERNAL LINK . Step 2 in the Quick Start section reads as follows "If you use SD bootloader on Vampire V4 Standalone, copy provided kick.rom to a FAT32 formatted microSD". 

1) Does this Vampire latest software allows you to boot off SD now?

2) If this is so can anyone describe how this is done or a link to somewhere that describes how?

3) I would love to be able to read the Slack support channel for the Vampire V4 standalone or any other place that has up to date info. Does anyone know where where I can get info on how to do this?

4) Has there info drivers and other software required to all a WIFI add-on to work? 

Thanking you guys in advance,


Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 101
03 Jun 2020 17:21

1) It basically what is reads: put your Kickstart ROM in a file called kick.rom and place this in root of SD. V4 at boottime will then load this ROM (if ROM is supported).

2) Work in progress, but it has been proven to be possible

4) There is a working (beta) V4net.device for integrated LAN. I am not sure what options there are or could be in the future for WLAN.

Benjamin Nice

Posts 9
04 Jun 2020 18:32

Thanks for answering some of my questions Willem.
  1. I am a little confused about  though as you essentially answered 2 in your answer to 1. Saying if the microSD is FAT32 formatted and a suitable rom is placed in the root dir with the name “kick.rom” it will boot. Is that all that is required, or is there more?
  2. You then in your answer to 2, you say it is a work in progress. If it has been  proven to be possible. If it has been proven can it be shared how to do this? As I haven't seen it in the forum.
  I also see the latest Vampire v4 core on this site (build # 7383) it has the comment bootSD. Is that what is needed for the place kick.rom in the root dir to work? It great if someone could explain about bootSD in this build AND how to use it. Perhaps they have in the Slack group?

4. It is WIFI (802.11) I am specifically interested.


Michael Farrell

Posts 18
04 Jun 2020 18:59

The readme means, while booting,

if the kick.rom is present on the microSD card,

then it will automatically run a maprom on the kickstart.rom.

So, it means you don't need to manually run maprom etc to softkick a rom image.

Not, "while booting off the microSD card"

instead "While booting up" ie off your IDE etc.

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