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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

3.1.4 Rom ... What Are the Benefits?page  1 2 3 4 

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5408
28 May 2020 12:24

Marcus Gerards wrote:

@Gunnar: Reading this thread, I don't see you ever going to appreciate any of mine or other's attempts at reconciling developers, user bases or even companies. 

Dear Marcus, I appreciate your work a lot.
I regard any work on Amiga and any try to revive Amiga very good.
I know that you personally have nice positive plans for Amiga and nice ideas.
Marcus but you are of course not Hyperion and are not the CEO of this company.
For sure the decision of Hyperion will be made by their CEO.
I spoke two times with CEOs of Hyperion about this topic.
One time the discussion was very elaborated and in much detail for a nearly 2 hours.
We spoke long and clearly and explaining what our goals are.
What steps the Apollo-Team sees to "Revive 68K Amiga" and what the goals of Hyperion are.
Aim of the discussion was to understand how and if we can work together on such topics.
This discussion was in German and I'm sure that I correctly understood what I was told.
I was clearly and unmistakable told by one of the CEOs that
1) the Hyperion has no interest to develop for 68k.
It was made clear that
2) Hyperion wants that all 68K users will upgrade to PowerPC as soon as possible.
Hyperion made it clear that their development focus will only be PowerPC, and even if they make income with Amiga 68k fans,  Hyperion does see no future for 68K Amigas.
All this was made to me very clear and there was no room for misunderstandings.
Marcus, if you have good contact to Hyperion then you can ask them yourself and verify that I was told exactly the above.
My current opinion to Hyperion is based on this "official" Opinion of Hyperion which I was told.
I believe you are smart enough to understand that the Apollo-Team wants to revive 68k Amiga - and needs a partner who also sees a future in 68K Amigas.
Marcus I don't attack you or anyone personally - everyone can put his money and his work in any project he wants.
I believe in 68K Amiga and for me its a pity to see that so much know how from great developers and money from the fans is in my opinion "taken away" from a sustainable 68K Amiga future...
I would love to stay in touch because I think exchange of opinions is important for improvements.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 576
28 May 2020 13:52

I think we should be very thankful to any developer (hardware & software) who dedicates his time on growing the Amiga. Nobody here likes Hyperion (me too) but it is obvious that the 3.1.4 developers are a very focused and talented team. 
I can honestly say that I personally prefer 3.1.4 to 3.9.It's  more coherent, solves elegantly some issues and it's not bloated with old PC-style added software (I talk about 3.9's music and video players, browser and tcp stack that are obsolete nowadays and everyone instantly replaces with newer and better ones).
3.1.4 is fresh air in that sense and I'm sure 3.2 will be absolutely amazing.
I can fully understand Gunnar's decision to not deal with Hyperion (better stay away) but from a wider point o view OS 3.2 success can be benefical to vampire (and viceversa). They both are works of love for the Amiga (maybe not from hyperion but surely from his developers) .
My opinion is: decision to support Aros is absolutely the right one, but bashing OS 3.2  project is a bad idea, because it creates animosity in the community and because 3.2 will be soon an awesome option for our 68k Amigas,  whether Hyperion wants it or not ..

Sean Sk

Posts 421
28 May 2020 14:36

@Stefano Briccolani
Completely agree. Couldn't have said it any better, so not even going to bother to try. :D
@Marcus Gerards
Hope you hang around. I use OS 3.1.4 and it would be cool to hear from you from time to time as to what progress is being made with OS 3.2. I love catching up on all the tech news.

Markus B

Posts 209
28 May 2020 14:57

Marcus Gerards wrote:

  c) Gunnar has a company and he gets paid for every V4 (or whatever core) you're buying. Hyperion is a company and gets paid for every OS license you buy. Both is ok. And yes, we as OS developers chose not to get paid for our contribution. Which should be ok, too.

I assume you chose so as there was no alternative to it and you still love the classic enough.
Furthermore I assume that you would still contribute development to AmigaOS 68k if it was managed as an open source project, right?

So what needs to be done that AmigaOS is finally freed from commercial interests and is made open source? Then it could get the love it deserves with some proper development. Merge ideas from AROS and combine forces.

Make it a foundation and parties which have benefits from an open sourced Amiga OS will be happy to donate some money to the project.

Honestly, I'm so tired of this bullshit which is going on for a piece of software which development stopped 25 years ago and was funded by a company which sold millions of copies along with the hardware. And now we're talking about a few thousand enthusiasts.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 684
28 May 2020 15:01

that is something that cannot be answered by Marcus G.

or anyone else at the moment

there is the lawsuit between Cloanto and Hyperion that has to be decided first. Then we will see what will happen

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5408
28 May 2020 15:32

Markus B wrote:

So what needs to be done that AmigaOS is finally freed from commercial interests and is made open source? Then it could get the love it deserves with some proper development. Merge ideas from AROS and combine forces.

I think this vision would be excellent for all Amiga fans.
And of course we would gladly support this.

But I'm not sure if this can happen.
I have to admit what disappointed me a lot was that the CEO from Hyperion made it to my clear that Hyperion and Thomas Richters "plans" for OS 3.1.4 are not aligned and not the same.
He clearly said that in contrary to what the OS3.1.4-team wants, for Hyperion the 68K Amiga has no future.

Markus B

Posts 209
28 May 2020 15:42

At least Marcus G. could answer on the part about developing for an open source project, @Olaf. I know he can't speak for Hyperion.

And the Apollo products were not the only ones to benfit from it. Just take a look at all the other classic products currently being developed. Some just work right away, others could benefit from better integration.

Let's see how the next game at court will end. Again time wasted, I'd say.

Rob M

Posts 54
29 May 2020 00:46

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

OS4 did not fully support SAM460 (onboard SATA, FPGA)

The onboard SATA was supported on release IIRC but most customers got a PCI SATA card so they could use more than one drive.
The FPGA resource for the SAM460 was made avialable on OS4depot about 6 months after the SAM460 went on sale.

Ron Valen
(Needs Verification)
Posts 12/ 2
05 Oct 2020 11:20

I have
Hyperion's KS 3.1.4 ROM on A500 (with CPU accel, 11MB fast ram) for 16 GB CF.
Cloanto's KS 3.X ROM on A1200 (with 8MB fast ram) for 32 GB SD Class 10.

The major benefit for either KS 3.X ROM or KS 3.1.4 ROM is large storage support beyond 4GB.

PS; I signed up for Vamp 1200.

Ron Valen
(Needs Verification)
Posts 12/ 2
05 Oct 2020 11:38

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

        Dear Michael, again OS 3.1.4 is NOT usable on 1MB RAM machine. Please check its requirements.

From my experience, KS 3.1.4 ROM on 1MB chip ram A500 Rev 6 results in an A500 with 512 KB ram-like configuration.  KS 3.1.4 ROM + Workbench 3.1.4 will run on 1MB A500 with very little remaining memory for other apps. I purchased a cheap Wicher 508i with 11MB fast ram + 50Mhz 68000 + IDE for WHDLoad games.

My main Amiga hardware is A1200 (with 8MB fast ram + 40Mhz 68882 + RTC card) which is waiting for its Vamp 1200.


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