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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

AmigaOS Workbench Distributions On V4page  1 2 

Ray Couzens

Posts 93
05 Mar 2020 11:27

After some reading up on things, well, I have been out of the Amiga world for quite a while, I realise now that this post maybe in the wrong section? There doesn't seem to be a page for comparing the different OS's, but then, we probably don't want to encourage any flames, if indeed their would be any.

Anyway, I've decided to definitely support AROS and use this as my main OS on the V4SA, when it comes.  Not that there is anything wrong with using other OS's, but I like the spirit behind AROS, that it's free, continually being improved and is supported by Apollo. 

Whatever flavour of OS we use, the Vampire's certainly seem to be great Amiga machines and keeping the spirit alive.


  I've recently put my name down for a V4 sa, so looking forward to actually getting one.  I currently have an A1200 with OS3.1 and understand that AROS has its basis in this version.
  I must admit to being a little overwhelmed by all the OS options.  I've heard about CoffinOS, which I believe is based on OS3.9 and wondering if this is better than AROS or just different.  I know the Apollo team are supporting AROS and imagine therefore, that this is a very good option for the V4.  But how well are the other OS distributions supported for the V4?  Would they always be a little behind AROS?
  I guess, once I have my V4 I can try them all if I want to, but just wondering what more knowledgeable people might have to suggest.
  I strongly suspect that as I've been using OS3.1 on my A1200 then AROS will suit me especially with all it's improvements.

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
09 Mar 2020 23:54

Its OS 3.1,OS 3.5,OS 3.9 + SAGA drivers + your layers over
Coffin which is fully configured OS 3.9 with SAGA drivers, few Vamp only utils and apps and best AmigaOS apps and games and data files and emulators ... (ooh God, so many stars :) and EmuTOS-FreeMINT and even a backup partition


AROS, as free thing but needs more polishing and updates ... Work In Progress and will likely be ONLY ONE to be freely shipped with v4


AmigaKit XE is under porting, but needs your legit OS 3.1 - OS 3.9 and KS files.

Its not too much, its same choices as any Classic / WinUAE minus Coffin has some stuff that only Vamp can run.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 684
10 Mar 2020 09:57

my distribution based on aros in 3.1 look & feel is working now quiet well. I now look at adding network and sdcard and hope that it will work very soon. Michal also recently fixed some of the problems left so I think aros will be a good option on V4 standalone very soon.
  For the rest there is still the boot problem left but we also hope to solve it. We are at it ;)

Small impression:

Ray Couzens

Posts 93
10 Mar 2020 10:25

@Vojin Vidanovic, Thanks for the info, all very useful to me.

@Olaf Schoenweiss, I like the 3.1 look & feel you have produced.

I can see I will need to have a longer think about the available options and what I would like.  First, I need a V4 standalone!

Eric Gus

Posts 452
10 Mar 2020 13:25

@Olaf .. yes thats looking great .. a very decent "shipping" AROS to include with Vampires..

Thebrainmaster 1000

Posts 1
28 Dec 2020 14:03

Hi what i have to do to make aros vision useable? i like this version. thanks

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