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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

How Do I Use the Dock?

Tony Day

Posts 58
14 Aug 2019 13:04

i want to move it, shut it down, add to it. can someone tell me how this is done. sorry. not used to coffin.


Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 139
14 Aug 2019 17:45

You can remove ToolManager in WBStartup/Enabled.

David Wright

Posts 365
14 Aug 2019 21:03

I haven't used my vampired Amiga in a while. Seems it wasn't obvious to me as to how to add programs to the dock. Is there an edit button or drag and drop for programs?

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 139
14 Aug 2019 21:13

Sys:Prefs/ToolManager to ADD/REMOVE programs, graphics, etc

Maurice DOERR

Posts 7
03 Dec 2020 07:25

i don't have
toolmanager in Sys:Prefs/


posts 5