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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

RetroRecipes Video On Vamp500 and HDMI

Saladriel Amrael

Posts 159
11 May 2021 19:50

Hello, just wanted to link this nice video from RetroRecipes:

He explains how he connected both OCS and RTG outputs to the same LCD TV using only one of it's DIGITAL-VIDEO input ports

It's funny and well explained, so I think most of you can replicate his idea at home ;)

Kamelito Loveless

Posts 196
12 May 2021 15:09

All this to in the end have to hit a button it is IMO not a big improvement. It would have been good if auto switch was working.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 474
12 May 2021 15:27

I guess it's pretty good solution for someone using a modern display without a 15Khz friendly mode, but yeah I essentially have the same thing with my old LCD that is 15Khz friendly, just a single button to switch from H.D.M.I to RGB via vga adapter.

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