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V2 600 Being Seriously Unreliable

Ian Bremner

Posts 4
09 May 2021 01:06

I've had this V2 600 for just over a year now but am still having serious problems with keeping it working..
When I initially got it, it worked reliably for about a week then suddenly it decided to stop working.
No image on DIGITAL-VIDEO out and composite/RGB output just gives the following picture:

At first I thought it was  a bad connection on the socket as pushing down on the JTAG header would make it work for a short while.

Unfortunately it seems that this is not the answer. Every so often the initial problem will pop up again and no amount of reseating, pressing on various bits of the board will get it to work. I've replaced the socket for better fitting ones twice all to no avail. I even broke out the multimeter and tested the connections on the socket to the Amiga, all the pins showed good continuity to there destinations on the motherboard so that pretty much rules out the socket.

I tried reflashing the core to various different versions. At one point it decided it wasn't going to let me reflash the core again, Quartus kept giving the error that the Product ID was invalid. Reflowing the solder joints on bus transceiver U1 seemed to sort that as it would then accept a new core but again It still gave the above screen.

After reflowing the solder on all the chips to no help, I stuck it in the ultrasonic cleaner to clean off flux residue and at this point it started working again but a day or so later the problem resurfaced.

I've tried this board on three different A600's and got the same result so it can't be a problem with the Amiga

At this in the only thing I can think of is a bad contact on the FPGA but I don't have the equipment or expertise to remove and reball a BGA chip.

Can anyone give any suggestions before I have to give up on this board and use it as an expensive paperweight?

Andy Hearn

Posts 365
13 May 2021 13:19

Majsta has been very helpfull even for helping fix the V600 card's he's not been involved in making.

if its an early revision card, it may be worth looking at the power fix:-

my V600 is an early V2 board, and it's given me no issues what so ever. hope this is of some help :)

E Penguin

Posts 43
15 May 2021 12:25

I needed both the power fix and the hdmi fix before mine was stable. Kipper2k card, final batch

posts 3