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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Flicker Fix for V4 SA ?

David Suter

Posts 39
06 May 2021 03:33


Is there a flicker fix for Vampire 4 SA ?
Hi RES graphics in games/demos flicker.

Peeri the Sunlight

Posts 62
06 May 2021 10:31

I have a same problem, my monitor shows interlace modes horrible bad.

Maybe we could beg Gunnar to make "unflicking Interlace", ie just normal planar gfx modes 320x512 / 640x512 (without intrelace) and promote interlaced modeas to this. (if user wants... Vcontrol and f11 key could control it...)

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
06 May 2021 15:50

  Could not dblPAL and similar tricks produce less flickering picture?
  (modes for EURO monitors and similar?)
  You can make the Amiga produce it's display output at ANY vertical
  blanking frequency between 50 and 60Hz and even out of this boundary.
  Ordinarily low Hz interlaced modes could somewhat be first promoted to this and then re scaled.

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 139
06 May 2021 15:59

This has been on my wish list for a long time aswell.

Manos Sg

Posts 74
06 May 2021 17:53

Would like that as well!

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
06 May 2021 18:00

Since I have eyesight problems I would be most interested in 70-75Hz modes only. Its far superior for eyes, high res is not my thing.

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