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Amiga/Vampire Programming Languages

Michael Piano

Posts 36
23 Feb 2021 17:06

  I'm curious what programming languages (and which version/company) everyone uses for Amiga/Vampire development.
  Does anyone use Pure Basic? Does anyone use Pascal? That sort of thing.

Mateusz S.

Posts 53
24 Feb 2021 06:15

Mostly C cross compilers from windows like Bebbos gcc 6.2 or Bartman Abyss gcc 10 toolchain

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5421
24 Feb 2021 06:39

1) ASM
In my experience Amiga scene has a major Assembly coder community.
Mostly all demos and games are coded in ASM, but also many good tools and programs were written in pure ASM.
Parts of the Amiga OS were written in ASM.

2) C
Many programs on Amiga, some games and major parts of the Operating System were written in C. Amiga had several very good C compilers. Today most popular is GCC.

AMIGA did once had a very good OBERON and MODULA community.
While ASM programs and C programs can crash - OBERON programs can not. OBERON is similar to PASCAL and was invented by the same person. According to the inventor he made PASCAL to teach children had to code, and he created OBERON for people to really code.
OBERON is very good to develop and programs where stability and usability of the program has a high priority.

4) AMOS/BLITZ on AMIGA was a scene of junior game coders which wanted to write games but did not want to go the full mile to write their game in ASM like the Pros. For them AMOS /BLITZ are a good alternative.

Grzegorz Wójcik (pisklak
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 85
24 Feb 2021 08:18

AmigaE works nicly too. Easy to setup, easy to compile from CLI.It is quite similar to C,produces good code and have realy fast compiller (just try it, smaller prgs compile on Vampire in 1-3 sec and you wont miss your cross compiller).It have some nice debugger too.
  Ofc there are some other languages like Lua or Python for example, which might sounds more modern or easy, but I think they are not much popular on Amiga. In terms of popularity IMHO C is the king (most prgs are written in it I think) then ASM (often just mixed with C), then other languages.
  AMOS is nice BASIC and I think might be good language to start learn programming on Amiga. Many ppl will say that Blitz is better :)

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