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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Ide V1200

Lucio Morassutti

Posts 11
13 Feb 2021 18:44

First, sorry for the language errors.

I recently picked up my Amigas and now also the 1200 with the Vampire V1200. I upgraded to core 2.12 and Saga 2.5.1
(I have a three way IDE cable connected to the A1200 motherboard with CF and DVD player. Everything works, even the SD on the CF adapter on the PCMCIA.
Now I have moved the cable from the Amiga IDE to the Vampire IDE and the Amiga won't start.
When turned on, all the lights turn on, those on the Vampire, the one on the DVD and the one on the CF connector, then the latter go off but nothing starts.
On the DIGITAL-VIDEO output the Vampire logo is fixed, on the SCART output you can see the animation of the disk entering the floppy drive.
Help, I hope the V1200 is not broken.

Christopher Stokes

Posts 15
13 Feb 2021 20:10


Hi Lucio, I suggest reading this.



Sean Sk

Posts 421
13 Feb 2021 22:18


You won't be able to boot from the V1200's IDE port as it is deactivated in GOLD 2.12. If you want to use it, you will need to update your V1200 to the beta version of GOLD 2.13.

Henrich Raduska

Posts 50
13 Feb 2021 23:37

Or try to be patient for a few more days, the final version of Gold 2.13 will be released.

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