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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Sega Genesis Emulator - Amigenerator

Cego 1200

Posts 42
06 Feb 2021 01:37

I have come across this Sega Genesis emulator and was wondering if a port to the 68080/AMMX would be possible? The source code is in the download section.
AFAIK there's no good Genesis emulator for 68k yet, which runs at 50fps.
AmiGenerator was made for PPC amigas and runs nicely on ~200MHz machines.
So the 68080 should be more than enough to get this running.


Maurizio Tirone

Posts 45
06 Feb 2021 21:11

Well a Vampire can very well manage a NeoGeo Emulator much more powerful than a MegaDrive so, I don't think there are any brute force problems. More than anything else, the problem arises in finding developers capable of doing this.

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