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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Please V1200

Peter Ihnacak

Posts 3
05 Jan 2021 16:20

when do i get to buy a vampire for amiga 1200?

and there is one question. i have a vampire v500 and my amiga shows me a 512kb ram. I have 512kb in the trapdor, but the workbench shows only 512kb, does it have to be A500 +?

Andy Hearn

Posts 365
05 Jan 2021 21:19

hey there, you can order a V1200 now. i know they exist as i have one.

the V500 like all V2/V2+ vampires will not provide chipram unless you are running the Gold3 core. so if you had 512k chip before installing your V500 running Gold2.xx core, then you will have 512k chip after installing your V500.

however, if your agnus supports it, (if it's a rev6 mainboard then it probably will) then you can cut a trace or blob some solder i forget which - or if it's both, to convert the trapdoor ram into chip ram putting the trapdoor expansion in the chip ram address range.
iirc, the Vamp will itself, provide a block of 512k fastram at address c00000 as pretend "slow fastram" to remain as compatible as possible.

for 2meg chipram on a Gold2.xx core, you will either need a minimegachip 2meg chipram board+agnus upgrade, or yes, you'll need to install the v500 in an A500plus.

bear in mind that the minimegachip board will lead to problems fitting the vampire in the normal 68k socket. so it'll be down to you how you choose to get round that.

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