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Getting a V4SA Into An A1200 Case

Bruno Fonseca

Posts 12
30 Dec 2020 06:13


I have one of those new A1200 cases (from A1200.net) coming my way soon and I'm wondering what would be the best way to fit my V4SA into it and what challenges do I need to figure out to make it work.

The most obvious thing for me is the keyboard. I guess I can either source a A1200 keyboard somewhere and get it through some kind of adapter to USB (will a Keyrah work?).

Another option is to somehow fit a regular USB Keyboard into the A1200 case (guess this one will be hard).

I also understand I can 3D Print some adapters to fit port extenders from the V4SA to the back of the case.

Has anyone done anything similar? Any pointers/ideas of how to execute this project.


Matthias Gull

Posts 10
30 Dec 2020 13:40

Hi Bruno!

Very interesting question!
I'm waiting for my A1200.net case and my KIPPER2K A1200 keyboard ordered in September 2019 form amigaonthelake.com.

After the arrival of these both components I want to install my V4 in this case too.

Best regards

Bruno Fonseca

Posts 12
31 Dec 2020 05:56

Have you looked at how to solve any of the challenges you'll need to overcome? (like what extension cables you'll need to buy, how to adapt them to the rear of the A1200, etc.?)

It would be great to exchange some thoughts on it.


posts 3