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Cant Get Games to Play On Vampire

Duncan McGregor

Posts 14
17 Dec 2020 21:36


I have finally got coffin working and displayed on my hdmi monitor.  When I test a screen mode like pal highres it does default to the scart/vga screen ive setup fine.

but when i run any old game through whdload it loads but nothing shows on the old monitor and igame freezes

am i missing something?

Sean Sk

Posts 421
17 Dec 2020 23:19

Unfortunately, you haven't mentioned anything else about the system you're running, but from your other thread, we'll assume you're running a V1200. Are you getting any sound from the games you're trying to run or is everything just silent and frozen on a black screen?
Is your A1200 connected to the internet via a PCMCIA network card (or other card) and a TCP/IP stack? If so, it will need to be disabled when a WHDLoad game is started.
This can be done by editing the WHDLoad.prefs file is S directory and uncommenting:
"ExecuteStartup=Execute" (which will disable the network on startup of game) and:
"ExecuteCleanup=Execute" (which will re-enable network once you have exited the game).

Duncan McGregor

Posts 14
23 Dec 2020 20:05

stock a1200 with vampire and stock coffin os

connected to hdmi monitor and scart monitor.

literally the only game that has managed to run is cannon fodder 2

for everything else it just hangs on the hdmi monitor like t should be doing something on the scart but nothing happens.

isnt there a way to window them all? it works when its on uae

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
23 Dec 2020 23:01

OK, but how about games like 194x in Games folder?

posts 4