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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Expansion Connectors

Giuseppe Marra

Posts 14
11 Dec 2020 09:57

Hello together,
  I want to understand more about, the three expansion connectors to n the V1200.
  One is JTAG and can be used to flas the firmware over USB blaster right?
  Another is the Ethernet. Could somebody suggest a module to connect?
  What can be done with the third expansion connector?
  It could be a help for me to understand better what could I realize, when I got the card one day. Thanks.

Bartek Kuchta

Posts 37
11 Dec 2020 13:13

Hi Giuseppe,
  Please visit Apollo Wiki for more information:
  Also did you already joined our Apollo Team Discord channel? If not here is the link:

  Kind Regards!

posts 2