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Can't Soft Reset Via Ctrl-A-A On Vampire V4

Mick Stone

Posts 13
10 Dec 2020 07:36

I hope this is just another stupid question but how do I ctrl-A-A on my Vampire V4 with the Christmas pack keyboard. Tried Strg-Win-rAlt and every other combination of these keys and I can't get it to reboot.

Running the supplied Apollo OS.



Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5408
10 Dec 2020 09:01

Mick Stone wrote:

I can't get it to reboot.

Please use "STRG + WIN + STRG"

Mick Stone

Posts 13
10 Dec 2020 09:34

Thanks Gunnar

Also helps when you RTFM as I had the keyboard plugged into the wrong port..... Doh!

This is seriously the best thing I have bought that is Amiga related. Still love my real A500, A1200 and A3000 but they are sooooo slow in comparison.

posts 3