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WiFi With V4 SA ?

Michael MiB

Posts 37
20 Nov 2020 18:00


Is there any driver / work for a WiFi connexion with the V4 ?

Thank you,


Roy Gillotti

Posts 474
20 Nov 2020 18:55

Well for my V500 setup I use this to convert ethernet to Wifi in client mode: EXTERNAL LINK

Michael MiB

Posts 37
20 Nov 2020 19:27

Yes, that's a solution but we have ports on the Vampire, so it will be good to have a small module on a port (like RTC withs DS3231)

Roy Gillotti

Posts 474
20 Nov 2020 20:20

To utilize that it would require someone to make such a device work, not sure if anyone has done that.

Michael MiB

Posts 37
22 Nov 2020 03:51

Thank you Roy, just bought a TL-WR902AC.
  Try with bridge connexion with Windows 10, it works but it's not practical for me.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 684
22 Nov 2020 19:24

there are f.e. WLAN Router with LAN. Perhaps this would work (V4 directly connected with LAN cable)

Michael MiB

Posts 37
30 Nov 2020 06:43

Nice, I bought a TL-WR902AC, works fine after a little problem (Doesn't see my 5 GHz network but I think it's a problem with my internet box) ... I have to declare it's a 5 GHz network not a combined 2.4 / 5 Ghz. Now, everything works fine on this 5 GHz network.

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