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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

A590 and a A500+vampire

Marcel Smeding

Posts 17
06 Nov 2020 08:50

Is it possible to make a A590 to work on a A500 with a vampire?
I don't really care about the harddrive of the A590, but the scsi port could be usefull.

Marcel Smeding

Posts 17
15 Nov 2020 17:50

Nobody an answer to this question?
Is there no way to acces the scsi drive on the A590?
Even when i boot from OS3.1 the drive is not regonized. It does see the flash card on the ide of the vampire.

Bartek Kuchta

Posts 37
15 Nov 2020 20:22

Hi Marcel,

Please visit ApolloTeam Discord server as there are many users who might be able to help you:)

Kind Regards

Marcel Smeding

Posts 17
16 Nov 2020 15:48

i'll have a look, thanks.

posts 4