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V1200 Question

Andrew Miller

Posts 318
23 Oct 2020 16:36

Hi, just got my V1200 installed, just a quick question.
I have not updated the core yet.
I have my CF card in the A1200 MB interface, and Indivision fitted and when I turn it on all I get is the power LED pulsing slowly.

I havent as yet opened it back up and disconnected everything to see if it boots that way (I also didnt boot the A1200 prior to fitting the card).

Any pointers before I strip it down and try from scratch.

Marlon Beijer

Posts 182
23 Oct 2020 22:28

Try to boot it without peripherals and make sure the base system works at all, so you can exclude that. It could be weak power supply or that your mainboard needs a recap. So first try barebones, then add peripherals one by one and see where it stops working.

Weak power supply is my best bet with the info so far.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
24 Oct 2020 09:39

Can you do a video to show us what is going on with LED. I m not sure are you talking about Power LED on Vampire card or about some other.

Andrew Miller

Posts 318
24 Oct 2020 14:00

So the issue was just a bad contact on the edge connector.
  I hooked it up to my TV and the pulsing power led (of the A1200) was it resetting due to having a RAM error (Green Screen).
  Took the card out and it booted, reseated it and it gets to the disk boot screen.
  For some reason it can boot on my WB 3.1 CF card, but fails to boot on the ApolloOS CF card I have. I get some corruption on the output from the V1200 and also a red led flashes briefly on the V1200.
  Also though the boot fails I can boot the ApolloOS CF card without the V1200 fitted.
  I'm going to try and flash the core and see what happens from there.

Edit: Just to clarify, i only get corruption when booting with ApolloOS CF card.

Andrew Miller

Posts 318
24 Oct 2020 23:59

Well it was quite a PITA but I eventually got it up and running with ApolloOS, and I'm really impressed. Also its amazing what you suddenly remember from over 20 years ago.

I needed to flash the V1200 before ApolloOs would work, forgot that uncompressing an lha on a pc then moving the files over doesnt work as it changes some file bits. So the flashrom program didnt work, so after an hour or two I eventually remembered this and managed to flash the V1200. (after 3 different WB installs, WINUAE having 3.1.4 and me having the 3.x disks)

Swaped in the CF card with apollo Os and it was up and running.

Though I did push it and try installing easynet so I could try my pcmcia ethernet adaptor, and it messed up the install and Apollo OS no longer boots, but I just need to rewrite the card and it'll be fine.

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