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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Compiler and Assembler of Choice for Vampire Code?page  1 2 

Antony Coello

Posts 123
19 Apr 2021 22:26

Kamelito Loveless wrote:

  1- select the files/folder right mouse button on the menu Icons select Leave out. If you wanna put it back select and Icons menu Put Away.
  2- No way to launch Monam with exe to debug AFAIK, a script could do the job I usually just debug by loading the exe by launching Monam first.

  1. Great! Thanks. So obvious...to a seasoned Amiga user, Im sure! lol
  2. Ive found it slightly quicker to click on the (Devpac associated) source file, which opens in Devpac, then select debug from the menu (Every second counts when doing the repetitive coding/debug/test loop!), so long as the source / exe match, of course.
  However, on SAGA/RTG, after displaying some output to the screen, when I press V to try to switch back to the debugger, the screen is all funky with coloured dots and I cannot get back or even CTRL-C close the program. Is this an incompatability between Devpac debug display and RTG graphics?
  Many thanks for the hints! ;)

Kamelito Loveless

Posts 206
20 Apr 2021 00:07

Cannot answer about the screen but I guess itís.a cybergraphics one so it use the OS so it should work IMO.
Quicker way once the file loaded under Devpac hit Control d to assemble and debug. The first time youíll have to hit enter.

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