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Saga 2.4.2 Installer Fails Gold 2.13RC2 - 1200V2

Ross Bushby

Posts 16
28 Sep 2020 17:21

  Just updated to 2.13RC2 on V1200 V2 and a clean Coffin R57 image. All seems well BUT if I try and install the latest SAGA driver (2.4.2) I get the following error during the install:
  NEWNAME: Too many arguments in line 267
  At this point the R57 image is screwed on reboot as the RTG driver is hosed.
  Has anyone else experienced this, is it a Coffin R57 specific issue?
  I can just reimage R57 and it works fine again, but I'm guessing the latest SAGA driver *should* work?

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 355
28 Sep 2020 21:14


Can you redownload 2.4.2 and retry please ? It should be fixed now.



Ross Bushby

Posts 16
28 Sep 2020 21:31

Hi Renaud,

All good. Installed no problem now. May be placebo but also the boot seems to be way faster from cold.

Thanks for sorting so quickly!



posts 3