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V1200 Dont Boot With Micronik Z2

Cyberstormer Amiga

Posts 9
10 Sep 2020 11:06

Got a Micronik Z2 from ebay,
unfortunately my Vampire V2 does not boot with the Micronik plugged in.
does someone have an idea ?

James Husted

Posts 70
10 Sep 2020 17:16

if I had to hazard a guess its to do with DMA? Im no expert but some cards that need DMA wont work along side a V500 in an Amiga 2000 - probably the same thing going on here?

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
10 Sep 2020 19:51

I m guessing that same problem we have with mediator. When we fix mediator problem Micronik should work too. This should be relatively easy fix. In some topic I have explained what is the problem. But, with next sentence I will write I m hoping that I won't start another discussion. With Vampire 1200 I hardly need something else to plugin beside card itself. However, system with mediator starts but PCI cards refuse to work. I m not familiar with how Micronik Z2 work regarding internal logic. Maybe someone can provide more info to me?

Cyberstormer Amiga

Posts 9
17 Sep 2020 15:18

If you wish, I can send you the Micronik, if it helps,
I will take care of shipping costs for there and back.

posts 4