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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Quartus Programmer for Linux

Daniel Kovacs

Posts 35
07 Sep 2020 14:34


I no longer run windows on any of my home computers and want to use my USB blaster to flash my vampires.  What options are available for Linux?  I found on Intels website a spot I can download the Quartus-II programmer for linux but it will not allow me to download it unless I register an account.



Nick Fellows

Posts 101
07 Sep 2020 16:03

Yep - im all linux here too . Didnt think to ask this - Im on the waiting list for the V1200 internal card. So id like to have an answer to this also.

Samuel Crow

Posts 401
07 Sep 2020 16:06

It was linked on a later post on this old thread:  CLICK HERE

Daniel Kovacs

Posts 35
08 Sep 2020 14:23

That link just opens the list of topics ...

Herbert Markart

Posts 44
08 Sep 2020 14:29

I currently only know the docker image if this helps you out:


Thomas Scheller

Posts 10
08 Sep 2020 16:59

Yes you need to register to download.

Check out this wiki page:

I am using it in a KVM with CentOS 6 because it requires old libraries. But it is also reported to work on Ubuntu 18.

posts 6