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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Boot Time V1200

Pascal Babel

Posts 37
26 Aug 2020 20:38

How long does the Vampire V1200 card take to boot on coffin R56 until the display is displayed on the RTG?

Carlos Milán

Posts 95
26 Aug 2020 21:40

I am not a V1200 user, but in V600 is about 5 seconds.

Antonio la Marca

Posts 6
26 Aug 2020 22:30

Go to Startup-Sequence and make a ; on the Line Vampiremap devs/Kickstarts/Coffinos.rom
  The save the startup-sequence !
  The Boottime is much faster without Vampiremap /CoffinOS.rom !
  You must have flashed Kickstart3.1 on the Vampirecard

Andy Hearn

Posts 365
27 Aug 2020 09:15

from a cold power on, about 18 seconds to RTG workbench with R57.

Pascal Babel

Posts 37
27 Aug 2020 21:28

thanks for informations i will try this.

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