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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

How Do I Find Out How Much Longer I Have to Wait?

James Husted

Posts 74
26 Aug 2020 13:43

Hi there I have been on the declared interest email list thingy for the V1200 for ages - is there anyway of seeing how much further I have to wait?

Pascal Babel

Posts 37
26 Aug 2020 15:00

no, unfortunately, it's impossible to know where you are on the waiting list.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 582
27 Aug 2020 07:54

Igor is now processing end of January's-fist half of february orders.
    I know for sure because a friend who ordered end of january received the mail from Igor 4 days ago.

Ben Rottler

Posts 16
29 Aug 2020 00:01

Good to know, I think I'm around May time frame. UUUUGH. Anyone want to sell a spot? :)

posts 4