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Standalone Vampire Waiting Listpage  1 2 3 4 5 

Oscar AmigOS2

Posts 5
12 Jul 2020 21:51

Anyway to see how far down (sorry to sound a bit pessimistic) I am in the waiting list to buy a standalone Vampire? I registered with my email a bit over 2 months.

Tim Noyce

Posts 97
13 Jul 2020 01:11

Unfortunately, not for the V4SA. I've been waiting since January of this year. I tried emailing less than a month ago to get some indication, and thus far no reply.. :(

Markus B

Posts 209
13 Jul 2020 06:59

They know about the situation but are not willed to even implement the minimum approach of Majsta.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5405
13 Jul 2020 07:06

Because of several reasons the production rate was below our plans this year. One problem were huge delays in part arrival.

The good news is that the next big production batch of V4 is in the work at the moment and are expected to arrive here in less than 2 weeks. And also already the next, next batch is ordered and should arrive closely after it.

These two batches together will satisfy most of the outstanding pre-orders.

So sorry for the waiting time, but it should be over soon.

Markus B

Posts 209
13 Jul 2020 13:10

Gunnar, the delays are partially a problem.

The lack of communication is frustrating. Why wouldn't you automatically confirm the entry into the order list? That should be a minimum.
Until today it's unclear to me if I'm on that list at all.

Michal Pietal

Posts 223
16 Jul 2020 07:35

I subscribed for the Slack.

Asked in general forum and got:

1) confirmation that I am on the list
2) approx. delivery time

Ray Couzens

Posts 92
16 Jul 2020 15:03

I'm a happy man.  Just received an e-mail for my V4SA order!
It was a long wait, the lack of confirmation was not so good, but a little faith and I have a result!

Glad to support the Amiga community, glad to go back to using a modern Amiga machine.


Tim Noyce

Posts 97
17 Jul 2020 00:06

Sweet!.. Still waiting here..

Eric Gus

Posts 452
17 Jul 2020 08:19

Likewise I got my email today as well .. I had put my request in at the start of the pandemic .. feb? march? I forget.. bout around then..

Brian Nagel

Posts 3
18 Jul 2020 04:24

wish I would get an email don't even know if I am on the list, I filled everything out but its not like you get a confirmation or anything

Ray Couzens

Posts 92
18 Jul 2020 09:08

I have been grumbling about this very point along with others on this forum. The chances are that you will receive an email, and that the possibility of the system losing your order is probably remote.  I know it's a little disconcerting, but believe that you will get an e-mail.

I imagine that the Apollo team's work is cut-out fulfilling orders and improving the Vampire products.  Maybe once things have settled down they might update the ordering system.  The priority is obviously to perfect the Vampire and ApolloOS, which we will all benefit from. 

So a little faith, fingers crossed, and the wind blowing in the correct direction, and I'm sure you will receive that special e-mail.  Hopefully, sometime soon.


Nikos Pagonis

Posts 93
18 Jul 2020 16:27

Just to give you all a bit of heads up regarding the V4 waiting list, i registered interest around 20th February and received the device allocation and payment email 3-4 days ago. So the guys in Apollo are working hard to overcome all these unforeseen events and send us the vampire products. Just be patient and your time will come. i also had doubts about whether my interest was registered to them or not etc but it seems they have it under control and it is all there being processed.

Brian Nagel

Posts 3
18 Jul 2020 16:41

Yeah I think it is just a mix of impatience and excitement. I really do think the V4 is the most exciting piece of Amiga hardware since the 1200/4000 were release.

Ray Couzens

Posts 92
19 Jul 2020 07:28

Oh yes, it is exciting. I feel like a kid again LOL.

Ray Couzens

Posts 92
30 Jul 2020 08:20

My V4 is finally on its way to me, but not without some hassle with my bank.  They had a glitch in the system because my first attempt to transfer the money online failed but no error message was displayed, so I thought it had worked.  Then, after waiting several days and the money not reaching Apollo, I telephoned the bank and they could not understand what had gone wrong and asked me to try again.  I decided to visit my local bank and ask them to transfer it for me.  This also failed, but at least they received the error message: "The transfer has failed, do not try again".  Strange and not particularly helpful.  You can imagine my frustration, after waiting a long time for my V4 I could not pay for it! 

The people in the bank apologised and double checked everything, not that they had made any mistake.  They tried telephoning Apollo's bank in Berlin but did not get an answer; of course not, people are working from home.  So they considered the idea of trying to transfer the money again, but then decided against this option.  Once money has been transferred overseas (I live in the UK) it's very difficult to get back.  So they re-checked everything and then their computer reported the money had transferred!?  At that point none of us were sure if it had worked or not.

So they said they would monitor it for me and would let me know if there was a problem.  Two days later and it had worked, much to my relief!  The people in my bank said this was most likely a problem in their computer system, but they had never seen this problem before.  Hopefully they will investigate this glitch.

Anyway, I have a UPS notification and happy my V4 is on it's way and should get it very soon.


Lord Aga
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 118
30 Jul 2020 09:22

Man I hate banks.
When they need to take some money from you - it's done in seconds.
When they need to perform a service for you - suddenly everything becomes incredibly complicated and impossible to do.

Congrats to Ray! I believe you will enjoy your card immensely!

Ray Couzens

Posts 92
30 Jul 2020 09:48

Thanks Lord Aga.  I definitely will enjoy it, waited a long time for a 'real' new Amiga.

Alex Flores

Posts 8
30 Jul 2020 15:30

What about v1200? waiting from February, any good news about big production?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 474
30 Jul 2020 16:00

Think the V4 is handled by someone different from the V1200/V600/V500 (Majsta), I know Majsta has been held back by Covid related issues lately.

Ray Couzens

Posts 92
02 Aug 2020 08:58

Just had a UPS notification that my V4 is being delivered tomorrow, that is so good!  The long wait for a new Amiga is finally over.

All those years ago wishing I could afford the top of the range Amiga, to now when I'm getting one which is way better.

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