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A1000 Chip Ram and Core GOLD2.xx Series.

Keith Matthews

Posts 39
24 Oct 2019 03:56

Hi All,

Been quite a while since I had time to visit. 8-(

I had a thought the other day.

Does the Fast Ram in the GOLD v2.11 core use up LE's in the FPGA? or is it using real men on the Vampire?

I for one would be happy to give up a few MB of Fast RAM if it meant we could have an extra 2-4MB of Chip Ram for those of us that have installed our Vampire 500 2's into our A1000's.
Especially as GOLD 2.11 already has the RTG stuff.

Would take the pressure off waiting for the team to get back to V3 of the core. 8-)

Maybe a special build of GOLD2.11 the sacrifices a few MB of Fast Ram for Chip Ram 8-)
Just a thought.

Please no Flames. As I said, I have been out of touch with the goings on here for a while.


Andrew Miller

Posts 292
24 Oct 2019 04:26

Hi, the Vampire uses real memory chips on the board. As for extra chip ram its going to have to be when Gold 3 comes out, as to access extra chip ram the chipset has to be implemented on the FPGA, there is no way to alter how much ram the original chipset can access.

Keith Matthews

Posts 39
24 Oct 2019 05:35

Hi Andrew,

Ahh ok. no prob. I suspected it did 8-)


David Wright

Posts 365
24 Oct 2019 14:24

For those that have A1000s don't hold your breath waiting for any major upgrades to help it.Even Jens gave up on developing a version of his ACA500 accelerators for it.

posts 4