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Installing New Core Problem. Newbie!

Jostein Kallevik

Posts 2
27 Jan 2018 21:39

Hi im just wondering if there would be an easy way of updating the core on the vampire. Im still on the Gold 2 and have trouble just to transfere files over to my amiga. would be nice to see any tutorial video or more newbie guides to get it going. The only thing I hav manage is to install ApolloOS R43p on a SD card and booted the amiga with the vampire. So it`s working but im stuck on GOLD2.

Please make some tutorials or better guides for people that do not figure out how the amiga works:)

Im not shure if this is possible but how about just an sd card image you dowload and burn on a small card and insert it in the amiga just for core updates. Then I can swap back to my apolloos card and game on :) messing with winuea is just not easy:)

Please if anyone have a good guide :)

Matthew Langtry

Posts 195
27 Jan 2018 21:43

are u using vampire 600 or 500?
  just select relevant firmware u cant upload 600 version to a 500 vampire nor 500 firmware to 600 vampire.

Jostein Kallevik

Posts 2
27 Jan 2018 21:54


My problem is just to get the update files over to my amiga at all. Do you know if I can use the onboard sdcard slot on the avampire? I did test a sdcard in it but I seems to need a format that is not supported on windows and so on :) I guess I need to format this card and then I need a way to let my computer (win10) to acess it and let me transfere the core update files. And last put it in my vampire and get the files over to my apolloos to do the update.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
27 Jan 2018 23:37

There is easy tutorial e.g. here EXTERNAL LINK 
Yes, one way is to use SD Card, if you have no net acess on Amiga side. Remember that you need CrossDOS and some sort of FAT16/FAT32 file system on AmigaOS (ApolloOS has that built in).

Other is having an USB Blaster and you can  connect and just flash Vampire card from a PC, and then return it back in Amiga.

It would be dumb easy, if one had net acess from Amiga, update is quite quick and painless.

Mr-Z EdgeOfPanic

Posts 187
28 Jan 2018 07:57

Since you have an A600 getting net access is easy, head over to Amibay and buy a pcmcia ethernet card from Sir Lucas.
Download and install the ApolloOS image and buy roadshow (tcp/ip stack with proper dhcp support).
Then you have net access and you can download new core updates and many other stuff easily from your and to your Amiga!
No hassle with card switching etc etc.
I also have Filezilla FTP server installed on my pc and FTPmount installed on my A600+vamp, to transfer files fast&easy between my Amiga <> PC.
FTP mount treats any FTP server if it was drive, like having a network share with Samba but a hell of a lot easier to setup Amiga side.

MartinTomas Steffen

Posts 61
28 Jan 2018 12:12

I think its more easy to use your hd card with winuae. Put the downloaded core into an drawer and mount the drawer as the second HD (boot from your ApolloOS card).Than you can drag an drop the core to your hd card

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