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SCUMMVM Novacoder Port Working With Femu

Michael AMike

Posts 150
08 Oct 2017 13:15

short, but in my opinion important information - the ScummVM RTG ports from novacoder are working flawless with the Vampire in combination with femu. The novacoder ports are much faster than the 1.8 Vampire port. I recommend the ScummVM_1.4_040_RTG port which works impressive fast. (1.5 has gfx glitches in Lands of lore) Happy testing. :)

PS: If you need the novaports - go to the eab fileserver ;)

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 355
08 Oct 2017 16:46

Indeed :) ScummVM 1.4 was fast. Later releases added a lot of useless overhead.
1.9 is also a no-go because of SDL2...

Thomas Blatt

Posts 190
08 Oct 2017 17:46

Today i installed ScummVM RTG 1.5 and tried this games:
Full Throttle german speech
Day of Tentacle german speech
Sam&Max german speech.
All games works very smooth :) without stutter

Michael AMike

Posts 150
09 Oct 2017 10:26

Renaud Schweingruber wrote:

Indeed :) ScummVM 1.4 was fast. Later releases added a lot of useless overhead.

1.5 is cool if you want to use a real Roland MT32 with you Amiga. btw...we need a x15 core for Monkey 3 ;) It's a bit slow on the V2 - but as fast as on my A4000PPC with 366Mhz. (old 0.7 WOS Port)

Retrobrain Johnny

Posts 12
28 Mar 2018 00:36

Anyone able to tell me how to set it up, im having alot of issues with sound glitches, or as with monkey island i get no sound or music at all.. im guessing it should work but i dont seem to have the settings correctly..

Using coffin r49 and the scummvm thats included there.

posts 5