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Patreon - Vampire Oriented Developers

Mr Niding

Posts 458
05 Oct 2017 19:22

Since developers seems very shy at promoting themselves, Ill do that job for them.

Artur 'Arczi' Jarosik for example, got a measly 4 supporters clocking in at 17 dollars, of which Im donating $15 (minus the fee).
We want software for out Vampires, but not seemingly intrested in supporting those with developer capability.

Anyhow; Arts Patreon link;


Markus Horbach

Posts 35
05 Oct 2017 21:09

Software developers are forced to program applications with money they do not want to create. If a programmer thinks a platform is tickling to his mind or stimulating as a challenge, he will programm for free.
Best way to make a platform disgusting:
- no documentation
- no AppNotes
- no Libraries
- no hardware available
Start on this page, go to "Instructions" and count how often you get Error 404 on the links to the documentation of a mnemonic. If the recommended way to use the apollo core is using Assembler, but not even all commands are described and even the available descriptions are just minimal notes, the software developers get bored immediately.

Ask the forum how many people will buy the "reshoot" game to use on their AGA Gold3 Vampire or bought it for their A1200.

Start collecting money for an IDE for Vampire with a comprehensive documentation.

Mr Niding

Posts 458
05 Oct 2017 21:27

So, if you are a developer, and are already into a platform;
  Will you allocate more or less time to said platform if you get $100++ per months from supporters?
  Richard Lowenstein thats making the Reshoot game has said repeatedly the monetary response from the community has forced him to slow down developmenttime. Thats fine. He decided to develop the game himself, and noone forced him. Same goes for Daytona/Cherry Darling and Wings for example. There is limits to the mount of free time people are willing to allocate for something they dont get a return from.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 640
06 Oct 2017 00:33

Can you explain how to send money and how much is lost in the process?
(I don't have a credit card.)

- edited -

This I found out today.
bank account ---> paypal (no fee)
BA $10 = PP $10

So, is the below accurate?

paypal ---> patreon ---> Artur 'Arczi' Jarosik?
PP $10 = P $9.60 = AAJ $9.21?

Mr Niding

Posts 458
07 Oct 2017 09:35

Patreon does take a fee;

Your calculation looks fine, but as Patreon notes at the end of the page, they dont account for any cost related to currency shift.

So you could argue it would be better to directly donate to a developer. But there is pros and cons with that, basically is the relativly low fee% enough to make you prefer having to manually send a donation every month?

Thats up to you to decide.

Anyhow; Reminder of what Arti has done;


Mr Niding

Posts 458
07 Oct 2017 10:47

And another reason why I push for Patreon;
  You might have some developers with strong 68k backgrounds, that could add to this platform.
  But they cant be arsed to do it, cause "reallife". If they see there is atleast SOME support from a monetary point of veiw, the prospect of releasing Vampire versions is more enticing.
  Case in point; Toni/WinUAE said very clearly "I have no intrest in PPC, but maybe donations will change my mind! :)".
  And he got dontations, and he diverted his attention in that direction somewhat.
  Saying that money doesnt encourage people is quite narrow. Ofcourse you have idealists that will code no matter what. Then you have the rest ;)
  Especially in todays economy even a few bucks here and there will matter for many. Good jobs are increasingly sparse, and building a good ecosystem on the Vampire platform is good on many different levels.
I rather give my money directly to a developer I "know" from the community, than a faceless corporation that stash the money in tax havens.


Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
10 Oct 2017 00:11

Mr Niding wrote:

  I rather give my money directly to a developer I "know" from the community, than a faceless corporation that stash the money in tax havens.

  Me too.
  what I like with Parteon is that our few $ a month an mass can make a decent salary to a skilled developer who might listen to user wishes and become capitalism-free to code all day, providing we build few hundred bucks a month at least.
  Sadly we arent there with Amigasoft.
  Kalamatee, most active AROS developer, has gone to $221 in a really bad life situation. Wish there is more solidarity.
Building renewed and strong AROS 68k is the top chance of OS development for Vamp we do have, since OS 3.x is stuck in limbo.

John Mautz

Posts 35
11 Oct 2017 18:57

That's too bad.  He was doing better...

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

28  patrons $265
  Lets do some more funding to the man!
  Full story

My contribution is still going.  Not to sure most people would miss $5 a month.

Mr Niding

Posts 458
19 Nov 2017 11:24

Just linking youtube video of Arts latest Netsurf version, to remind people about his Patreon page;
Direct streaming of youtube video (no convertion to mpeg1).
NetSurf 3.7 (14 November).
Core 2.7 beta with Hard FPU.

Patreon page; EXTERNAL LINK

Mr Niding

Posts 458
10 Feb 2018 10:27

Arts latest update to his Patreon page;

NetSurf has got now Ammx2 accelerated jpeg decoding.

Since it uses Ammx2 ,it is going to be released with Gold2.7 core.

(40% faster jpeg loading).

GnuBoy Ammx optimised version of GameBoy Color emulator.

(Works fully and faster than aminet version).

PocketSNES fully working Super Nintendo Entaritainment System emulator.

(Needs optimizations but simple games like Super Mario World are playable).

GnGeo NeoGeo SNK emulator.

(Fully working , needs optimisations ).

And a secret game.

Artur Jarosik

Posts 87
11 Feb 2018 18:21


Michael Borrmann

Posts 139
12 Feb 2018 12:27

Super nice and awesome stuff... !

posts 12