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Michal Warzecha

Posts 209
12 May 2017 16:33

I must agree with Wawa T. Vampire is for now developer tool under development. No one here never said it's ready product. Team is working hard to give You as much as they can and in most short time. They can't every day wrote "we did another 6 lines of code" and "we add another small thing to core" and produce core updates day by day for any one who wnat to check it's tru for sure. I'm happy I can see what they do right now because they share it on YouTube.
My advice for every non happy users- help the team and make something usefull for others. I don't know what, make some testcase, do some test, or even check whitch WHDLoad game isn't working properly.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 684
12 May 2017 16:49

I think updates of what is happening behind the scenes is interesting for most people, I do not see a problem there. Assuming team would become quiet then people would ask if development stopped and lots of rumours would spread around and the team would be busy to make dementis :-). But people should not buy it because of what might come in future but for what it is now, and it is a lot already, expecially when SAGA is enabled. The same advice to Vox, not fantasizing what might be or come, which revolutionary features will be implemented and when amiga will take over the world again but use it how it is and see it as a pure hobby, not more not less.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
12 May 2017 22:18

Dear Olaf,
  Thanks for your time. Well, a bit of "mid term plan" would be nice also. As hardware is "getting readerier day by day" software plan comes more and more to focus. I do understand Classics are pure hobby, as well as its bitter to expect any other Amiga(OS)kind of branch is more then it.
  Its not little (compared to any past and present Accelerator), is not that even that much horsepower (in fantasy terms equaling it to PPC64 and x64 MIPS) and life Vampire has brought to the Classics, its left to be seen how will it be used :-)
  Its good when it starts with modern 1942 remakes, question is what else could it do?

@check whitch WHDLoad game isn't working properly"

I suppose thats exactly what users do here

As soon as AGA support is out list is gonna blossom (and some needed fixes will surface, but it will be a great joy!)

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5416
12 May 2017 22:44

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

  Well, a bit of "mid term plan" would be nice also. As hardware is "getting readerier day by day" software plan comes more and more to focus.

When Commodore went bankrupt , new AMIGA systems could not be build anymore.
Three things were and are still needed to build AMIGAs.
A) A good 68K CPU
B) The real AMIGA chipset, ideally enhanced
The 68K CPU has a wonderful ISA.
It is very programmer friendly and really clear to read.
The 68k is one the few ISA even allowing to write nicely in ASM.
But as great the 68k is for programming as complicated is it to develop a very modern and fast 68K CPU comparable to modern x86.
So some companies try to develop harder to program but simpler to construct CPUs (PowerPC).
After 9 years of development APOLLO gives us what we wanted.
We have a state of the art, modern 68K CPU now.
The AMIGA chipset did combine many elegant and clever mechanism.
The concept of the Copper is great in many ways and allows "display list" like features, and of course most AMIGA games and demos did make great usage of the Copper. Commodore old plan to enhance the AMIGA chipset with Hicolor/Truecolor modes, is now finally becoming reality. The SAGA chipset gives us exactly what was always planned to have for AMIGA. The elegant combination of original AMIGA GFX design with Truecolor modes.
C) The AMIGA OS was a very elegant combination.
Full control of the user and programmer combined with speed and lightweightness. But the original AMIGA OS could be lost forever.
So great effort was be taken by dedicated coders to create AROS the free AMIGA OS descendant.
Finally after so many year - we really have all what it needed.

David Wright

Posts 365
13 May 2017 00:14

That is a great summary of where Amiga was and is going.
I believe this is going to be a good ride.

Gregthe Canuck

Posts 274
13 May 2017 01:30

@David Wright

Yes this team is trying to work on two BIG things at the same time:
  - get the 68K architecture where Motorola should have taken it
  - get the Amiga chipset/hardware where C= should have taken it

Insane and yet... they appear to be succeeding. It hasn't been easy, nor has it been quick, but the results are there to see.

So no big surprise now... the software has to start catching up. The V= team just needs to keep cranking out boards to get more users on-board to help get the software moving along.


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