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Shadow Warrior Ported By BSzili

Kriz Antikriz

Posts 22
22 Apr 2021 15:30

The port is out and a fix for Vampire is out also now (use the 68040 exe). Its runs really fine and the game is free so try it and have some fun :)

Time for a public test version! This one is for 68060 only, the 68040 doesn't seem to be fast enough.
Please don't mirror this file as it can still change, I will upload it to Aminet once everything is stable.
Below is what will eventually become the readme, I'll edit this post as needed.

Game data:
You can get the full game for free on Steam and GOG.
EXTERNAL LINK  The only file you need is SW.GRP, do not copy SW.CFG from the DOS version! It's incompatible if JFSW, and will cause all sorts of issues, like not being able to save your settings.
Shadow Warrior Classic Complete also includes two expansions for the game. As these replace the original levels it's recommended to keep them in separate drawers. For Wanton Destruction remove SW.GRP, and copy WT.GRP into the drawer. For Twin Dragon, simply copy the contents of the "dragon" folder, except for SW.CFG of course.

Performance considerations:
FFS is quite slow at seeking in large files which can lead to pauses in-game when new data has to be loaded from the GRP file. It can be improved by adding more buffers, but I recommend running the game from a PFS or SFS volume.
The texture/sound cache is also sensitive to memory fragmentation, so if you have 32 MB or less memory, it's best to start the game after a clean reboot.

Vampire V2 users:
Please use the 040 executable, as the 060 one is currently not compatible with Vampire V2 cards.

The game defaults to stereo Paula DMA audio, but AHI is also supported for sound card users.
To use AHI, after the first start open SW.CFG in a text editor, and in the [Sound Setup] section set FXDevice = 8 and ReverseStereo = 1. The game will use the Music Unit for sound playback, make sure it's properly
configured in the AHI prefs. To switch back to Paula, change both values back to 0.

Uncompressed 8-bit PCM WAV files are supported up to 22 KHz. I recommend 22KHz 8-bit mono, which is a good balance between sound quality and size. Keep in mind that the music streamed from memory, so it might not fit if you have less than 32 MB memory.
Most releases of the game come with the music tracks in Ogg Vorbis format, which can be converted to WAV using various tools like FFmpeg, SoX or Audacity. I uploaded a WAV music pack into the Zone.

Keyboard and mouse controls:
In the menu open Options / Input menu, and pick Apply Modern Defaults. This resets all of the changes you have made for the keys/buttons. To enable the Mouse Aiming, press [U] in-game.

Controller or keyboard-only controls:
In the menu open Options / Input menu, and pick Apply Classic Defaults. This resets all of the changes you have made for the keys/buttons.
The game supports 11-button CD32 controllers.

The game asks the OS for the best mode id for a given resolution, but this can lead to unexpected results if there are unused monitor drivers in Devs:Monitors. I recommend putting these away into Storage:Monitors, but if this is not possible for some reason, you can use the following tool-types to force specific modes.
FORCEMODE - filters the available modes via the mode name. possible values: PAL, NTSC, DBLPAL, DBLNTSC, EURO36, EURO72, SUPER72, MULTISCAN
FORCEID - force a specific mode, the value should be a Mode ID in hexadecimal format

Windowed mode:
You can play the game in window on high color (15-bit) or better RTG screens. The game will still render in 8-bit color, the higher color depth is required to avoid the expensive color remapping necessary on paletted public screens. In fullscreen this is not a issue, as the game can freely change the palette on its custom screen.
To release the mouse pointer bring up the in-game console, this is bound to the Tilde [~] key by default, but can be remapped in Oprions / Keys Setup. Expect the performance to be slower in this mode. To override the default you can use the "PUBSCREEN" tool-type in the icon.

Level editor:
The Shadow Warrior-specific version of Build Editor is also included, but it requires a 640x480 screen, so it's best used with RTG cards.

Cut features:
Some features from the original game didn't make it into this port, one of these are the voxels. For one thing I have no 68k drawing code for them, and even if I did, the performance would be terrible. They also rely on a huge lookup table, that is very expensive to recalculate, which affects the performance of the game even when there are no voxels are onscreen. In short it's not happening.
The other cut feature is the multiplayer. JFBuild's implementaion uses large static buffers that would increase the memory requirements of the game significantly. If there's enough interest I'll see how much work is to fix this.

Follow the thread at Eab for more info: EXTERNAL LINK

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
22 Apr 2021 16:17

Great FPS game with a sense of humor, thanks :)

Manos Sg

Posts 74
22 Apr 2021 19:14

Plays great in my V4, thanks so much!

Robert Pulfer-Ridings

Posts 51
23 Apr 2021 01:39

Loving this! So many good things coming out or getting ported :)

Steve Hodson

Posts 12
23 Apr 2021 20:35

Works really well, even on my real 040/060 Amigas, on my V2+ and V4SA too of course

Carlos Roldan

Posts 44
24 Apr 2021 01:25

It works in my A2000 with Vampire 500 v2+ but it keeps auto firing?  Should I remove joystick?

Kriz Antikriz

Posts 22
24 Apr 2021 19:01

It do not happen here, check the settings and apply modern or classic for mouse/joypad support..

Maurizio Tirone

Posts 44
24 Apr 2021 19:37

Thank you for explaining the various procedures in such detail, which is really appreciated ... I hope to try it out soon and let you know how it works on the V1200!

Knight Stone

Posts 129
24 Apr 2021 21:39

works great on both my V1200 and Terriblefire 1260  :)

Carlos Roldan

Posts 44
24 Apr 2021 23:02

It works in my V4 SA though.  But on My V500 v2+ I can't do anything to stop auto firing or selecting..  :(

Amiga User

Posts 81
26 Apr 2021 12:27

Try deleting the confoguration file, Shadow Warrior works fine on all the systems I've tried, it even works fine on my AROS 68k.
Shadow Warrior 1024x768 + Audio Tracks


Richard Statham

Posts 14
12 May 2021 23:48

Need to sort out the screen tearing on fps games. Notice it on V4Sa apollos and shows on this clip as well


Amiga User

Posts 81
14 May 2021 00:16

It is a problem AROS video card not yet perfect on WinUAE with high resolutions
  With OS3 the "screen tearing" does not exist on WinUAE, see attached video.

posts 13