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CoffinOS R56 Mac Emulation and Display Colors

Carlos Milán

Posts 95
30 Aug 2020 15:43

Hi everyone¡

I have been playing a bit with the MacOS emulation in CoffinOS via ShapeShifter with both; MacOS 7.5.5 and 8.1. On both; when trying to run games like Warcarft II it says that the game requires a resolution of 640x480 and 256 colors.

If I go to the Mac control panel -> Monitors I can see I indeed have 640x480 resolution and Thousands of colors (15 bit). So I am wonder why I cant run these games. Any hint?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 474
30 Aug 2020 16:37

Not sure I've played a bit of Warcraft II on both my V500 and V600 systems. I've had the game hang a few times, but outside that no real issues.

Henrich Raduska

Posts 50
30 Aug 2020 17:37

You must set 640x480/256 in ShapeShifter prefs.

Carlos Milán

Posts 95
30 Aug 2020 20:08

Solved. It was indeed the 15-bit color configuration. After configuring ShapeShifter to 256 colors Warcraft ran nicely and at full speed :)

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