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Crystal Hammer - Music Messed Up

Tim Kovack

Posts 45
23 Sep 2016 01:19

Can someone with an older core try Crystal Hammer and see if the music is messed up and sound effects messed up during the game?  I am getting this on the Gold Core.

Przemyslaw Tkaczyk

Posts 151
23 Sep 2016 12:37

I had several sound issues very similar to the problem you described. I mostly tested Vampire with demoscene productions, but tried some games as well (4D Boxing, Shufflepuck Cafe are two examples). Samples were messed up, played with wrong pitch, also tempo of the song was wrong (too fast) on GOLD1 core. Haven't tried older cores, though. Can someone confirm and look into that please?

Tim Kovack

Posts 45
24 Jan 2017 20:41

Sound is fixed!  But music at title screen runs really fast.  But in game sound FX is now good!

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