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Running Games and Apps.

Running AGA Games?

Steven Lyon

Posts 29
28 Mar 2018 10:43

I've seen loads of videos on YouTube of people running Gloom and Alien Breed 3D etc on their Vampire A500/A600 machines but every time I try to do this I get an error that they will only run on an AGA machine. How can I run these please?

Marlon Beijer

Posts 182
28 Mar 2018 10:47

That functionality isn't available until Gold 3 core. The videos you've seen is from beta-testers.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 474
28 Mar 2018 14:09

There is some RTG version of both those games too that you may have saw videos on. But like Marlon states true AGA is coming gold 3

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 145
28 Mar 2018 15:33

alien breed 3d-2 can run on rtg the patch is on aminet.
gloom also runs from rtg and is included  on apollo-os

Steven Lyon

Posts 29
28 Mar 2018 17:28

Thanks - I was running the games from iGame - will have a poke around for the RTG version(s).

posts 5