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GnGeo (NeoGeo) WIP Port On GOLD2.7 WIPpage  1 2 3 4 5 6 

Artur Jarosik

Posts 87
11 Feb 2018 18:24

Partially optimised with AMMX2:


Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5532
11 Feb 2018 18:28

Awesome to see these games running on an AMIGA-500!

Billy Nest

Posts 30
11 Feb 2018 18:53

Wonderfull news. One more big step. Great work Artur

Djole Djole

Posts 35
11 Feb 2018 19:41

Very nice work, is it real to expect the port to emulate sound too at full speed ? Anyway its a very good begin.

Michael Borrmann

Posts 140
11 Feb 2018 20:09

Neo Geo is really my most anticipated emulated console.. :)

Nicolas Sipieter
(Needs Verification)
Posts 115/ 1
11 Feb 2018 22:31

loading time is very slow at the moment it seems.
roughly it's around 20secs to start a game.

compressed metal slug rom is 17mb zip.
uncompressed rom is 43mb.

so that means load speed from zip is less than 1mb per sec.
or, load speed from unzipped rom: 2mb per sec.

now i know this is WIP, and also,
if gunnar is helping, like he is,
with optimisations, advices and all,
i'm confident this will, in the end,
run games at 100% speed with sound and all,
i was just curious about the slow loading time ?
is this running on VA600? that would explain a bit.

Gregthe Canuck

Posts 274
12 Feb 2018 00:36

Wow very cool. Nice work Artur!

First demo looks promising.

Now the optimization challenge begins. :)

Thomas Blatt

Posts 190
12 Feb 2018 04:42

I love Neo Geo games, playing them often on my X5000 with FBA. Have a lot of Roms installed.
I think, it could be a killer app for Vampire Amigas. Playing this games on my Amiga600 is a dream. I know it is WIP and need some optimization. I am sure that the Apollo Team will solve it.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 583
12 Feb 2018 06:14

Cool! NeoGeo on Vampire will be awesome!!
Impressive work!!

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5532
14 Feb 2018 09:43

NEO-GEO progress report:
The emulator is very good and runs the games perfectly as on the original.
But the emulator is very costly and does the full system emulation.
It emulates not only the very powerful Sprite-HW of the NeoGeo
and even also the 68000 CPU.
Originally the NEO GEO emulator ran our testgames at 5-6 FPS.
After rewriting the render code with 68K / AMMX ASM the games run now at 25-30 FPS.

Next bottleneck to fix will be the Audio emulation.
Right now its pretty costly as its type converting several times from Neo-Geo format to PC format to AHI to AMIGA format. If we change this concept then the SND-FX should play with no slowdown.

Michael Borrmann

Posts 140
15 Feb 2018 08:55

Sounds amazing, Gunnar...
Really looking forward playing this on my future V4..

Which I hopefully will be able to buy soon... ;)

Saladriel Amrael

Posts 161
15 Feb 2018 10:02

Just wondering: is there a way to not emulate 68K and just use the native CPU of the Vampire?

Djole Djole

Posts 35
15 Feb 2018 10:39

Saladriel Amrael wrote:

Just wondering: is there a way to not emulate 68K and just use the native CPU of the Vampire?

I guess that would be a major rewrite...

Artur Jarosik

Posts 87
18 Feb 2018 19:32


  Metal Slug:

Ian Parsons

Posts 226
18 Feb 2018 19:52

Last Blade "This video has been removed by the user"

Artur Jarosik

Posts 87
18 Feb 2018 20:03

New videos are coming soon.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5532
19 Feb 2018 12:11

Two great videos showing NEO-GEO
FPS is very good now.
Over 50 FPS.


Peter Heginbotham

Posts 203
19 Feb 2018 13:35

Ok, I'll ask the elephant in room question.

What's the release date for Gold 2.7?

Martin Soerensen

Posts 232
19 Feb 2018 13:45

Peter Heginbotham wrote:

Ok, I'll ask the elephant in room question.
  What's the release date for Gold 2.7?

This is not an elephant since so many people have asked that same question already, and the answer is pretty clear; it will be released when they think it is ready. Could be next week or in 6 months.
For now, just have fun with Gold 2.5 - there's lots of stuff you can use it with.

Thomas Blatt

Posts 190
19 Feb 2018 14:14

Looks very good and fast!!!

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