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TV Paint Crashes

David Wright

Posts 365
09 May 2017 01:55

People from other boards said the Apollo people may want to know about this.
Version 3.59 crashes with Vampire on launch.
Saga display mode requester comes up, then program error failed #8000000b,
Suspend reboot?

Kolbjørn Barmen
(Needs Verification)
Posts 219/ 2
09 May 2017 02:34

Funny that you mention that! :p

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 601
09 May 2017 03:58


TVPaint requires at least a Amiga equiped with a 68030 CPU, a math coprocessor, 16 Megabytes of RAM, a CyberGFX compatible graphics card capable of displaying at least 256 colors and OS 3.0 (Kickstart and Workbench). Of course, things will run smoother and faster with a 68040, a 24 bits CyberGFX Zorro III graphics card and OS 3.1.

David Wright

Posts 365
09 May 2017 04:14

It runs well on my Amibian Rasberry Pi setup.
Setup as picasso graphics, a1200 probably has fpu emulation.

Back to my vampire setup. I went into tv paint directory, and saw a cybergrapix .lha file.  Double clicked and immediately crashed system.

I will stay away from this. I hear good things about art effect.

Mike Brantley

Posts 34
09 May 2017 09:13

Oh man, I spent some time hitting this wall yesterday, not realizing the FPU requirement this program has. We really, really need some eventual solution to enable some of the great Amiga software that requires FPU to work on Vampire systems, whether that solution is in the FPGA or some kind of wedge that gets the CPU to mimic an old-style FPU. It is my opinion, but my strong one. TVPaint and LightWave version 5 are at the top of my list. I even just coincidentally joined an Amiga TVPaint Facebook group recently, and LW remains my all-time favorite Amiga software.  With my new Vampire board I am running an older version of Amiga LW that has an integer version. Not sure if there is such an option for LW version 5.x, the last Amiga versions. It's looking like no. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong about that, and I will hunt, hunt, hunt that bad boy down. ;)

Kolbjørn Barmen
(Needs Verification)
Posts 219/ 2
09 May 2017 10:04


Wawa T

Posts 695
23 May 2017 00:54

simply keep in mint that ..0b at the end of your failure report will be fpu relaed.

David Wright

Posts 365
23 May 2017 01:27

Funny this came to the forefront now, I have been playing with more graphic programs tonight.
It really is apparent how needed an fpu is. Just downlaoded Grafix2 which also won't run without one.

Believe me, I get how hard the team is trying to implement this and is looking for help.
Just a skill I do not have.

Matthew Langtry

Posts 195
22 Jul 2017 01:46

u have to use femu until fpu implemented in to the core, dont know how to obtain femu maybe chat to apollo on irc

Mr-Z EdgeOfPanic

Posts 187
22 Jul 2017 06:31

Femu is in development now, probably will be released together with a core update.

Manuel Jesus

Posts 151
28 Jul 2017 11:44

Problem solved you can thank the king of coding known as Jarp.

Obetto Sannala

Posts 61
28 Jul 2017 12:21

@Manuel Jesus

What resolution did you run TVPaint or Lightwave? What's possible?

David Wright

Posts 365
28 Jul 2017 13:30

I downloaded tvpaint from their site but install requires first making floppies etc.
When I start with install  icon it asks for tvpaint disk one.

I don't remember having to do any of this when I installed on another Amiga.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 577
29 Jul 2017 16:49

I tried TVPaint on V600 Gold2 and Femu 0.1
It runs fast and beautifully on 1360x760!!
Great!! There are only some glitches when drawing shapes (visible on the video of Manuel) that I think are more related to uaegfx driver as afflicts even winuae. are talked about in this thread

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 577
30 Jul 2017 14:47

A friend in another forum confirmed me that the problem is Uaegfx driver. Installing Picasso96 with Picasso driver the glitch problem is resolved. Is it possible on Vampire to install SAGA on a Picasso driver installation or UAEGFX is mandatory?

Seiya Be

Posts 10
31 Jul 2017 19:18

well, i have made some test in WinUAE:

WinUAE + Picasso II emulation works at 15/16-Bit. In 24-Bit i have glitches.
WinUAE + UAE-GFX there no problems with "Sprite Emulation Hardware".

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