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Performance and Benchmark Results!

GOLD 2.9 - GFX Card Speedpage  1 2 

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
28 Oct 2019 09:46

Andy Hearn wrote:

  ah well. it's an intellectual exercise - or a reminder of the pain of troubleshooting largely expanded amigas that the vampire so nicely skates around.

Yes, whatever expansion people bought - even PPC cards with fast RAM and separate SCSI/IDE, some of the bottlenecks would remain.

That, and age-durability-maintenance, is main reason for SA or Vamp approach.

Markus B

Posts 209
12 Jun 2020 11:14

Curious, are the results for current V4 cores different/better?

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