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ApolloOS Release6page  1 2 

Christopher Stokes

Posts 13
20 Apr 2021 21:05

Hi Oliver there is no current registration, but you can join the Apollo Team on Discord.

Marco Bruines

Posts 15
23 Apr 2021 21:52

Marco Bruines wrote:

For some reason i only get read/write errors on the original supplied CF card (Kingston, 128Gb), even without fastide!
  Since its supplied including IDE to CF adapter when ordered i have to assume this card and adapter should be compatible with the V4 and ApolloOs (?). Dont have this issues with coffin and os 3.1.4.
  When using a microsd in CF adapter and then in the CF to IDE adapter it works without issues exept for mode3 Fastest. The v4 crashes @random when using fastest ide option. This did not happen in R5. So IdeMode2 it is with a micro sd.
  Just some questions
  Is there any means of installer/update instead of flashing a CF?
  This way users loose all there own installed applications and files. Or did i oversee something?
  Also, is there a way to resize the partitions? I know i can add more, but need more on the ApolloOs disk for some specific things..

I saw a youtube film showing Apollo Update. Didnt try it yet, but it looks promesing!
Also had a chat with Willem on discord, he gave some advise to redefine the partitions. I think the combination of these will solve a lot for me ;)

For the error i have send an image, and wil be glad to test any update about this.

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