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Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5474
17 Apr 2021 18:20

We are proud to bring you Apollo Vampire Release 6, thank you all for your patience.

Our new “R6” release contains improvements on Vampire V4 Core, ApolloOS, Software and User level. With our new structured Quarterly Release schedule we aim to provide all our Vampire users a clear and steady Roadmap towards more quality, speed, compatibility and most important of all……Amiga Funtime!

Everybody in the Apollo Team would like to thank all our loyal, enthusiatic and (positive) critical Vampires for helping us by sharing your feedback, ideas and experiences. Together we will revive Amiga….   


Upgrading your Apollo Vampire V4 has been made very easy by providing a single downloadable “Release6.exe” file to be executed on your V4. It takes less than a minute. 
Core R6 has improved digital video output compatibility, especially for our beloved USA based Vampires. 
The Vampire V4 Core R6 has been given an “engine overhaul” with a new Divider Unit and several other AMMX optimizations, resulting in an impressive performance boost.
R6 provides a completely rewritten IDE driver, giving you more reliability and a significant performance, which is boosted even further with the new implemented IDE cache.


ApolloOS is leaving childhood behind and gradually becomes a mature OS for your Apollo Vampire V4. First the overall stability has been improved, reducing or even eliminating CHK and other errors. Also the performance is improved with smoother user response and screen handling. New dual state icons, colorfull themes, state indicator for network, timesync and autostart with Aweb improve the user experience.
In ApolloOS R6 the sagasd.device driver and the FAT-Handler are updated to support write and automount (hot-swap) of your FAT32 formatted SD-Card for easy two-way file-transfer, backup and archiving.
For our audio lovers we have AHI 16-bit sound support (Arne) available for HiFi sound playback.
Vampire BootLoader R6 will feature full compatibility with the new Core /ApolloOS R6 release, an improved Turbo Install process and support for the V500-V2+. Registered users will receive the update e-mail.


ApolloOS collection of compatible Demos has grown, so checkout if your favourite one is in there. The popular Riva player has been improved with PiP and Full-Screen display.
In the gaming area we showcase the potential of Apollo Vampire V4 with the alpha preview of the new Jake & Peppy game and the port of our frenzic friend Sonic the Hedgehog.
For Atari adepts the EmuTOS is updated to the newest release.


For new users on Apollo Vampire V4 and ApolloOS we have created our first edition User Guides.
This is the start of a new User-Experience program to improve our communication and relation with you…

Manos Sg

Posts 78
17 Apr 2021 22:42

Awesome news! *happy manossg*

Looking forward to trying it out!

Gerardo G.

Posts 54
18 Apr 2021 03:28

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

  In parallel we started development work on the next RELEASE 6
  Main focus of upcoming release RELEASE 6 will be the 3D-Core.

  Congratulations! Will, finally, 3D-Core be included on this release?

Thomas Blatt

Posts 190
18 Apr 2021 05:25

Well done

Marco Bruines

Posts 23
18 Apr 2021 07:53

Nice, cant wait to try it out ;)

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 89
18 Apr 2021 08:44

Congrats on a fabulous new release.

Ray Couzens

Posts 93
18 Apr 2021 09:07

This is just so good!  Is this the Fab V4 LOL?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5474
18 Apr 2021 14:04

Please note that RELEASE 6 come with a brand new Sdcard driver and new Fat handler

ApolloOS can now also WRITE to SDcard.
But this driver is very new and as not all SDcards work the same and are not the same way preformatted - it can be that it not correctly identifies all possible formattings.

So if you have an SDcard which not works yet.
Please tell the team so that we can review and fix this
And please be patient that in the next release we can improve this.

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
18 Apr 2021 16:45

And most important core is put as EXE on downloads section! Thanks!
(is 3D core included, is it Warp3D compatible, or is it planned for future releases?)

Dirk Schindler

Posts 13
18 Apr 2021 16:50

Can ApolloOS also be used on the V2 1200?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5474
18 Apr 2021 16:55

Dirk Schindler wrote:

Can ApolloOS also be used on the V2 1200?

Yes it can.
We are preparing the core for this now

All V500 and all V1200 will come with ApolloOS as default from now on.

Roland V

Posts 7
18 Apr 2021 17:01

Yes, that's what I would call good news. Will it boot ApolloOS from V-IDE?

Manos Sg

Posts 78
18 Apr 2021 17:19

Just upgraded to the latest core, thanks, team!
  Sonic is definitely sweet, but the upgrade has messed up the audio in a lot of games, especially in ScummVM. Also in Day of the Tentacle (native Amiga version), AmiWolf the music has disappeared. :( Is there something I should tweak in the settings?

The screen aspect has improved a lot!

  (Using Coffin 58)

Oliver Mohr

Posts 17
19 Apr 2021 09:15

Hello to the fantastic Apollo-Team!

What do I need as a V2-User to upgrade to Release6? Core 2.14 plus the new ApolloOS? Does the OS-Image fit now on a 16GB-SD-Card?

Thanks for your help.


Oliver Mohr

Posts 17
19 Apr 2021 09:17

Okay ... I read now that you are just preparing the core ... so we V2-Users have to wait a bit I think. By the way: How do I become a "registered" User?

Manos Sg

Posts 78
19 Apr 2021 19:20

manos sg wrote:

the upgrade has messed up the audio in a lot of games, especially in ScummVM.

Solved this issue by increasing the channels in AHI settings. ;)

Marco Bruines

Posts 23
20 Apr 2021 18:28

For some reason i only get read/write errors on the original supplied CF card (Kingston, 128Gb), even without fastide!
  Since its supplied including IDE to CF adapter when ordered i have to assume this card and adapter should be compatible with the V4 and ApolloOs (?). Dont have this issues with coffin and os 3.1.4.
  When using a microsd in CF adapter and then in the CF to IDE adapter it works without issues exept for mode3 Fastest. The v4 crashes @random when using fastest ide option. This did not happen in R5. So IdeMode2 it is with a micro sd.
  Just some questions
  Is there any means of installer/update instead of flashing a CF?
  This way users loose all there own installed applications and files. Or did i oversee something?
  Also, is there a way to resize the partitions? I know i can add more, but need more on the ApolloOs disk for some specific things..

Oliver Mohr

Posts 17
20 Apr 2021 20:36

... hmmm ... don`t know, why my questions doesn't be answered ...

Christopher Stokes

Posts 15
20 Apr 2021 20:47

Oliver Mohr wrote:

  Okay ... I read now that you are just preparing the core ... so we V2-Users have to wait a bit I think. By the way: How do I become a "registered" User?

  Hi Oliver, I recall that at one time registration was required due to possible fake Vampire cards in circulation. This is no longer required. I guess that this is what you are referring to?

Oliver Mohr

Posts 17
20 Apr 2021 20:53

Hi Chris,
thank you for your reply. Hmmm... no, my question was just, where to register at all. Perhaps I'm a bit stupid, but I don't find any registration method.
Thanks again.


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