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ApolloOS Release6 Will Include 16bit AHI Driverpage  1 2 

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
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20 Apr 2021 18:54

James Husted wrote:

  Gunnar has said many times that V4 will not be redesigned - as it is now is how it will be so that the team can focus all of their attention on making it the best it can be. I dont understand why so many people keep asking for a V5 or a ITX version, the form factor IMO is perfect and my only gripe would be not having a usb port that i can run with posioden.

I agree more usable USB ports would be most welcome.

Problem is that IDE cannot be used easily with SSD-hard drives and optical media which I personally prefer to mem cards. Some legacy ports would make it more compatible to some Amiga peripherals existing Classic users do have. Would kind of make it "more of new Amiga" then what it feels now "nice little FPGA board that is advanced Amiga".

On form factor - maybe I am spoiled because I never had FPGA or developer boards before. I miss more standard case with space for HDD or optics, LED lights, turn on/turn off - something that is kind of standard for today computers.Same is for RTC. Could be a standard thing, not small expansion.

On current design I miss 2 extra USBs for joysticks or joypads - since existing 2 are mapped for kbd and mouse (I have older model with 2 ports).  So I will have to get DB9 joysticks or some USB2DB9 converter, if existing - to enjoy 2 player games.

But having V4SA as it is - I will have to adopt. When some new form factor model will come - is up to Vampire team.

Anyway, its great to see progress that comes with cores and development of ApolloOS.

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