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Apollo Team Commitment to AROS 68k Developmentpage  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

Nikos Tomatsidis

Posts 66
03 Jan 2020 19:25

Mattias B wrote:

wawa t wrote:

  now also looks like vampire hidd has been started..

  Great news!
  Seems like things are moving along on the AROS side.

Very nice. This is nice to follow. Hope AROS can be my only OS when my Vampire v.4 arrives.

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 600
03 Jan 2020 22:59

Next step to implement; native SAGA driver:


Eric Gus

Posts 450
04 Jan 2020 06:41

Going to be amazing once they get past the basics .. and start adding 68080/Vampire specific tweaks and enhancements to AROS that utilize AMMX and such.. that's when its really going to surpass AOS

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
04 Jan 2020 07:12

Simo Koivukoski wrote:

Next step to implement; native SAGA driver: 

Great! Native Vamp support will be a major + to paid OS 3.1.4

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 136
04 Jan 2020 08:51

sweet... nice progress :-)

Markus B

Posts 207
04 Jan 2020 11:06

Wow, good work!

Michael Borrmann

Posts 139
04 Jan 2020 11:23

Yep, really nice..
It somehow feels like the final destination of AROS has always been the Vampire cards, without knowing it... ;)

M Rickan

Posts 177
04 Jan 2020 17:40

Ok, so I'll ask the obvious:

Not long ago, it sounded like the AROS effort was going to implode because the key developers needed to refocus on their own priorities and the supporting bounties were anemic.

Has the situation changed for the better?

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 684
04 Jan 2020 17:56

yes ;)

there are two key developers active now (there are more but the two are the most experienced with deep aros knowledge) and more or less all developers are today concentrating on aros 68k and vampire. These two developers got V4, another one has a A600 with V2.

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
04 Jan 2020 18:26

m rickan wrote:

  Has the situation changed for the better?

Simply: People got Vampires and got really entusiastic. Watch the progress :) Seems that bounty sys was right!

Wawa T

Posts 695
04 Jan 2020 19:29

actually the best bounty is to support the devs directly. apollo irc channel used to have a hint who is to support.

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