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Peripherals for the Vampire Standalone V4

  • IDE 44-pin, the Vampire V4 comes pre-installed with working, tested CF-Adapter and a working, tested CF card.Please note, there is power on the IDE-44 port, misplacement on this plug can destroy the device.

  • USB Ports, the Vampire V4 comes with two USB ports allowing you to use USB-Keyboards and USB-Mouseplease note that not all mice and keyboards might work.
    Tested Mice:
    Recommended Mice with working Mouse Wheel
    Trust 15862Rapoo Mouse N1130
    Media Range MROS201CONCEPTRONIC Easy Mouse
    Media Range MROS210Media Range MROS211
    Razor Deathadder

    Also recommended mice
    Gaming Mouse BLOOD BATHAMA MC-100 USB Mouse Optical
    HAMA MC-200 USB Mouse OpticalLC-Power 709
    Ultron UM100M3026

    Logitech K120
    Speedlink LAMIA
    Manhatten Gaming Keyboard
    Jelly Comb Keyboard
    Jelly Comb Slim Keyboard
    CSL Office
    Rii K66
    Rii RK100
    Rii RK104
    Ajazz Geek AK33 (no LED version)
    ReDragon K552-1
    (please note Model 552-2 does not work)