If (condition true)
then 1s -->; Destination
else 0s -->; Destination

Assembler Syntax:
Scc <label>

Attributes: Size = (Byte)

Description: Tests the specified condition code; if the condition
is true, sets the byte specified by the effective address to
TRUE (all ones). Otherwise, sets that byte to FALSE (all
zeros). Condition code cc specifies one of the following

CC carry clear 0100 /C
CS carry set 0101 C
EQ equal 0111 Z
F never equal 0001 0
GE greater or equal 1100 N V + /N /V
GT greater than 1110 N V /Z + /N /V /Z
HI high 0010 /C /Z
LE less or equal 1111 Z + N /V + /N V
LS low or same 0011 C + Z
LT less than 1101 N /V + /N V
MI minus 1011 N
NE not equal 0110 /Z
PL plus 1010 /N
T always true 0000 1
VC overflow clear 1000 /V
VS overflow set 1001 V

Condition Codes:
Not affected.

Notes: A subsequent NEG.B instruction with the same effective
address can be used to change the Scc result from TRUE or
FALSE to the equivalent arithmetic value (TRUE=1,