Source Block -->; Destination Block

Assembler Syntax:
MOVE16 (Ax)+, (Ay)+
MOVE16 xxx.L, (An)
MOVE16 xxx.L, (An)+
MOVE16 (An), xxx.L
MOVE16 (An)+, xxx.L

Attributes: Size = (16 Byte)

Description: Moves the source line to the destination line.
Applications for this instruction include coprocessor communications,
memory initialization, and fast block copy operations.

MOVE16 has two formats. The postincrement format uses
the postincrement addressing mode for both source and dest-
ination, while the absolute format specifies an absolute
long address for either the source or distination.

Line transfers are performed using burst reads and writes
which begin with the long word pointed to by the <ea> of the
source and destination, respectively. An address register
used in the postincrement addressing mode is incremented
by 16 after the transfer.

Example: MOVE16 (A0), $FE802 A0 = $1400F

The line at address $14000 is read into a temporary holding
register by a burst read transfer starting with long word
$1400C. Address values in A0 or $14000-$1400F cause
the same line to be read, starting at different long words.
The line is then written to the line at address $FE800 begin-
ning with long word $FE800. After the instruction A0
contains $1401F.

Condition Codes:
Not affected.