If (condition true) then PC + d -->; PC

Assembler Syntax:
Bcc <label>

Attributes: Size = (Byte, Word, Long)

Description: If the specified condition is true, program exe-
cution continues at location (PC) + displacement. The PC
contains the address of the instruction word of the Bcc
instruction plus two. The displacement is a twos compliment
integer that represents the relative distance in bytes from the
current PC to the 16-bit displacement (the word immediately
following the instruction) is used. If the 8-bit displacement
field in the instruction word is all ones ($FF), the 32-bit
displacement (long word immediately following the inst-
ruction) is used. Condition code cc specifies one of the
following conditions.

CC carry clear 0100 /C
CS carry set 0101 C
EQ equal 0111 Z
GE greater or equal 1100 N V + /N /V
GT greater than 1110 N V /Z + /N /V /Z
HI high 0010 /C /Z
LE less or equal 1111 Z + N /V + /N V
LS low or same 0011 C + Z
LT less than 1101 N /V + /N V
MI minus 1011 N
NE not equal 0110 /Z
PL plus 1010 /N
VC overflow clear 1000 /V
VS overflow set 1001 V

Condition Codes:
Not affected.