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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

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Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
11 Mar 2018 11:03

Trotzki Ingo wrote:

  Okay, I have to wait. I hope update will come soon. With flashed 2.7 and coffin my system crashed always after few seconds. with appolo r43 it runs, but only black and white. thats toooo old scool...

  Again, register from whatever you can boot, if you have USB blaster, flash to core 2.7.1 and all the troubles should go away. Source of trouble is non-registering. If 2.7.1 core gives trouble try 2.7 x10 (safe core)

Juan Velez

Posts 1
17 May 2019 07:48

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

We should have some smaller installation without so much data stuff. Its nice to have it all around, but what if SD card space is needed for TOS/Mint, AmiKit, OS 3.9, AROS? 4-8gb stripped latest Apollo would also do much magic.

I also want this so bad. These images already exist, someone has made any?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
17 May 2019 10:51

Juan Velez wrote:

  I also want this so bad. These images already exist, someone has made any?

  There were "stripped images" (with less games) before on torrents, but it somewhat lost point since new Coffin versions incorporated backup partition and TOS/Mint,making it harder to replicate in stripped down image.
  What I would love to see is some boot menu incorporated in Vamp KS in future, so we can "pick" the boot partition more easier, and have a choice of boot from SD/IDE. Then we could make a real "choices" between few m68k options out there.
  Nice trick was building mountlist with VampireBoot, but I am not sure how does it work today as well as could it boot AROS/Mint. AOS options could do for sure.
  It supports FFS, PFS and FAT32

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