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HDToolbox Does Not Detect My Compact Flash Card

Simon Kosecki

Posts 3
06 Nov 2023 22:16

Trying to do a full manual install of OS 3.2 in A1200 with Icedrake - 128GB compact flash and gotek.
  Before flashing kickstart 3.2 I was able to partition the Compact Flash using HDToolbox and ata.device. However now (with Kick 3.2 flashed to Icedrake using ApolloFlash) I can no longer see the compact flash adapter or the card itself.
HDToolbox does not detect anything either using scsi.device or ata.device.
J1 jumper is open
no drives in mainboard IDE slot. Only cf card adapter which came with icedrake in the icedrake 2.5'' ide slot. 

What am I doing wrong? Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

Simon Kosecki

Posts 3
07 Nov 2023 20:15

So it looks like the issue was the core revision. Upon flashing to the latest stable one, it started working ok.

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