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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

PC to Amiga 500 Using Parallel Port.

David Suter

Posts 102
13 Mar 2023 13:46


I dont know if this is the right section but I have a question.
I have an AMIGA 500 in my collection and would like to transfer files from windows 10 64bit. For example adf, mods, images, etc through Parallel port.
Its easy with the A600 with PCMCIA but I dont have a solution for the A500.
I have made a laplink cable and would like to use that.
Programs like PC2AMIGA and PARADISE only work with windows 32bit or Linux.
I have tried Dosbox-x but unable to get the Parallel passthrough working.
Is there a solution to suit my 64 bit PC ??
My Parallel card supports SPP so should work once I get some software running.
Any help would be wonderfull.


Eric Gus

Posts 478
14 Mar 2023 03:23

With a vampire enhanced amiga you get networking, so why not just use SMB and mount a file share .. and transfer files that way (or use ApolloExplorer to transfer files) .. you could also just format an microSD card as fat32 and do it that way using the vampire's SD card slot, but my primary method is SMB and mounting my NAS shared directories ..

David Suter

Posts 102
14 Mar 2023 15:44

I want old school.
I have 2 vampires

Tim Waite

Posts 42
16 Mar 2023 05:26

You can't use a standard PC Laplink cable with Amiga.  You need a special wired Amiga to PC cable if you want to use a Parallel port.
Serial Laplink should be fine.

You can try the Siamese System and see if that works on newer windows systems.


David Suter

Posts 102
16 Mar 2023 09:15

  I made a pc2amiga cable but can not run the DOS pc2amiga.exe (not supported by my version of windows ) message.
  Siamese I dont think supports parallel.
  I can run the pc2amiga.exe in dosbox and dosbox-x but unable to access the LPT port, only in printing mode.
  I have to select realLPT but it just disables the port :(
  I really want to do this in old fashion way.
  I do have vampires but its not the real old amiga.
  Vampires turn AMIGAs into full blown PCs. 2022 style.
  I have found another problem, my i9 10900k does not support windows 32bit so that wont work.
  I dont know what to do, Its all getting too hard.
  Thanks for your suggestion.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 517
16 Mar 2023 12:22

I run Linux, so likely not the best advisor, but you maybe able to run a 32-bit windows with Virtualbox VM session and enable hardware access to the LPT port.

Quick google search found this thread that explains it a little bit.


Antony Coello

Posts 154
16 Mar 2023 19:29

Its been a while since I did this sort of thing, but IIRC true non interrupted/direct port access transfers can only really be done from DOS.
  Perhaps try that on your i9 :)

Richard Statham

Posts 50
16 Mar 2023 22:07

I use one of these with Amiga explorer from Amiga forever DVD


Tim Waite

Posts 42
17 Mar 2023 03:20

I found some of this information about windows 10 and LPT ports,

"If you are running Version 1511 then you need KB3140743 and that will fix the LPT Ports from not working.. If you are running 1607 than it will work, fine no issues, but as of recently with 1709 you are hosed if you try to use LPT ports as they no longer function.. it is possible in the later updates it will work again, but as of now, it is VERY spotty as to if it works or doesn't.. Simply put, if you want to see if it works, plug it in, if it doesn't work, it won't work, if it does work, don't update windows.. "

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