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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

My Simple Approach to Multibooting

Sir Zodiac

Posts 4
22 Dec 2022 11:48

Hello guys,

I've developed a simple script that enables your Amiga to boot different operating systems from a single CF card.
It has been tested with Amiga OS 3.2.1, Coffin R61 and ApolloOS R9.2 but many other Amiga operating systems are possible.

The idea is to prepare a CF card with the files from all (3 in this case) systems and then use this script to boot the desired OS.
The script is short and easy to understand so that it can easily be adapted/expanded to your own needs (more/other OS's, other turbo boards, etc.)
Switching the OS can be achieved in your currently running OS by executing the script. It will move your current OS into a subdirectory and the target OS to the filesystem root (which just takes two seconds) and reboots by softkicking/mapping the target kickstart.

- An Amiga or Turboboard that can softkick/map a kickstart
- a big CF card (64 GB for above-mentioned 3 operating systems)
- an experienced amiga user

Check the script and the full readme out here:
If some more people are interested I could perhaps write an install batch file for preparing the CF card, so that more novice users can use it. Comments are welcome.

PS: I am aware of ApolloBoot and I very much respect Willem Drijvers work but I wanted a simpler solution for me.


Nick Fellows

Posts 177
22 Dec 2022 13:40

I wanted this thanks!
Maybe over christmas i can have another go at getting my V2 set up the way I want it, instead of the way someone else wants it!

Thomas Blatt

Posts 200
25 Dec 2022 14:33

Maybe that what i am looking for, OMNI Boot is for me hard to understand, i am looking for an easy solution

Sir Zodiac

Posts 4
29 Dec 2022 16:08

New version 1.3 available, now with:
- A batch install script which covers most parts of the installation
- Complete step by step PDF guide with many screenshots
- Bug fixes and improvements   
    Google Drive Link:

Phil McPhilby

Posts 1
07 Jan 2023 05:08

Thanks very much for this!

Mårten Björk

Posts 10
17 Jan 2023 20:26

Very clean and elegant solution. Easy to understand too! Thank you Sir Zodiac!

Allan Versaevel

Posts 111
19 Jan 2023 17:24

Most Excellent!

posts 7